• Jubiles (pitch)
  • Jubiles (pitch)

Jubiles (pitch)

This movie project was a pitch for the kombucha brand Jubiles.
The main idea was to animate fruits in stopmotion and "play" with them in the mood of mobile game "fruit ninja". Animated paint over is completing the scene to add some freshness and fun.

There would have been as many movies as flavour and for each one a different action.

The movies would have been used in a digital campaign.

Client : Jubiles
Artistic direction : Alex & Antoine

The storyboard :

1# We enter the jungle...

2# Some fruits are popping and jumping..

3# A saber effect is slicing the fruits in two...

4# Another saber effect for smaller bites...

5# All ingredients are gathering and falling down...

6# The fruits are entering a spinning bottle. Text and animated paint over (bubbles, splashes and whirlpool) is popping all around...

7# The bottle is stabilizing, some fruits remains... We can read the name of the brand : Jubiles. The end.